Sunday, November 02, 2008


Kate was our beautiful little witch this year. She had a lot of fun dressing up this year. So much fun that she had to have two different costumes.
Here is the whole family at Molly's brother Jeremy's "Dia de los Muertos" party that he has every year. As you can see, Kate is the witch, Molly is Rosie the Riveter and I am the last minute Ninja using some of my cycling wear.
This wasn't a costume this year, but maybe for next year Kate can be a bath time unicorn.
This last picture is Kate's other costume that she used to go to the Ward Halloween party in. She is supposed to be a little frog.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A little catch-up!

So it has been awhile since we updated our Blog. So without further a due, I have decided to do it with a little comment on our pics. I hope that you all enjoy.

Here we are taking Kate on the Haunted House ride at Lagoon for Stampin' Up! Lagoon Day. As you can see we were scared but Kate could care less.
Here we decided to take a little hike up Cathrine's pass up from Alta looking down into Brighton.
I thought that this was such a great shot of the Tetons that I just had to add it. We recently went to Jackson Hole to enjoy Labor Day weekend.
Our Li'ls turned one on the 3rd so of course we had to celebrate.
Here first cake. We found out that she is allergic to eggs and peanuts so her cup cake was egg free.
Even without the egg she still enjoyed it.
Molly and Kate opening up the gifts. (although I think her cousins opened most of them)
Here are a few pics from the Wright family reunion in Red Fish Lake near Stanley ID.
Just doing a little relaxing and eating watermelon before the river rafting.
Country road . . . take me home . . .
What a cute family!
Here we are going down lower canyon near Jackson, WY.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Andersen Family Cruise!

To celebrate Kai's (Kenton's Father) retirement the whole Andersen clan went on a Mexican Riviera cruise. It was such a fun trip! It was fun to have everyone so close and having so much fun together. Before we left for the cruise Molly and I went out a few days early to visit Kate's great grandmother Chalker. She is Molly's mother's mother. We were glad to visit her so we could show off Kate.

Here represent four generations of women on Molly's side of the family. We would have liked to have had Molly's mom in the picture as well to have a four generations photo.
Here we are getting all excited for the trip. I believe that this shot was taken within minutes of the boat pulling away from the dock.

Kate on our bed trying top lay claim to it, but we made her sleep in the crib on the floor.
Here I am trying to make it up the climbing wall. It was my first time on a climbing wall and I was not that good at it.
Molly made the ship's climbing wall look like a walk in the park.

Kate was hungry but the mermaid offered no milk from her offered breasts.

Can you guess that we are all waiting for a bus? It was hot in Puerto Vallarta but it sure was fun and beautiful.

This was Kate's reaction to taking a ride in the small boat that we hired to take us to the beach.

Here is the small boat and the family. Notice that mom and dad are both trying to hold on to their hats.

This was a "Formal Night" on board and we did our best to look sexy and Kate did her best to look like she has seen a ghost.
Again, looking good.

Here Molly and I were frolicking in the waves of Cabo San Lucas. Devra and Sawyer we also having a good time.

Here is a picture of our boat, pictured on the left, and another boat that stopped at Cabo. Although our boat looks smaller due to the distance it was actually bigger than the one on the right.

Just a fun time enjoying Mexico. Just minutes before this shot was taken we were enjoying some delicious fish tacos.

This was a shot of all of us in a truck taxi. Yep, there were 15 of us crammed into the back of this small pick up. Looks safe doesn't it. You have got to love the relaxed laws in Mazatlan.

Molly Graduates Again!

Molly graduated from the University of Utah with Masters degree in Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. We now have a practitioner in the family. It was a hard road at times and Molly worked harder than she wanted to with a job, school and a new baby, but she made it. We are so incredibly proud of her.

Molly shaking hands with some uppity up.
Molly with her happy family, well it looks like in the picture that I am happy and Kate is bemused.

Molly runs a half Marathon!

Molly and her friend Sarah decided like two little crazies to run a half marathon. Molly has been training for some time now getting ready to run it. She even ran 10 miles around the top of our cruise ship while we were out to sea. She is such a tough wife and Kate and I are very proud of her. Matt (Sarah's husband) and I were there to cheer them on and support them any way we could.

Here are the two ladies getting excited and showing off their svelte physiques to psych out the other runners.
Here they are with all the excitement in the world and Molly feels like she has already won with hear arms stretched out in triumph.
The long road of patience always leads to victory!
A little run through the woods helps bring out their smiles.
And here they are crossing the line triumphantly. They said before the started that they wanted to try for 2 hours. As you can see by the super fancy time clock to the right that the finished in 2:04:23. Congrats Molly!
So it was time for the girls trip to St. George!

The girls had an awesome time down in St. George. Lisa came in from the city of Rock and stayed at our house for a couple of days before all the ladies went south to the sun and fun. It is always fun at the Andersen's when Lisa comes to town. We had an even neater treat because Suzy decided to sleep over as well so the house was full. The ladies thought that they would escape the Salt Lake cold and find some nice temps down in St. George, but little did they know that the temps in SLC were perfect and down south they had 104 degree days. Ouch! Regardless of the heat they had a ball.

They stayed in the condos near Green Valley and of course had to do the Stucki Springs - Green Valley Loop. That ride is definitely a top 5 here in Utah. Molly, Suzy and Lisa all had a ball and Lisa had a few falls as well. But even with all of the falls Lisa assured everyone that she had a great time.

The girls also decided to visit Zion N.P. and do some site seeing. Kate was thrilled to see such beauty as evident from this picture of her showing off her cute little tiny toothed smile. Yep, Kate now has two tiny little bottom teeth.

Both Molly and Kate enjoyed cooling off in the pool. Kate was a great little swimmer and really enjoyed the pool. We are happy that see enjoys the water since we want her to be able to enjoy swimming and running rivers with her mom Molly.

Here are all the ladies doing a hike to the Emerald Pools. From left to right we have Lisa, Suzy, Grandma Wright (Lei Lani), Molly and Kate.

Here they are enjoying a little shade by the pools.

Also there were some moments to enjoy the wildlife in Southern Utah like this big ol' fat lizard!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Molly and I were very fortunate to be invited down to stay with Brock and Sommer Holt in St. George over Easter weekend. We had a ball while we were down there and can't wait to go again. While we were down there we did some cycling, hiking, mt. biking, swimming, walking and just some general relaxing with good friends. Brock and Sommer's daughter Gretta was just a doll and she and Kate became good friends. As you can see from the pictures below, we had an awesome time.

Here the dads are hiking with their lovely girls.

Kate was so excited for the trip that she could hardly contain here excitement.

Here is her reaction once we told her that we were heading to St. George.

Molly and Kate just chillin' in the sun.

Here Molly and Kate were enjoying a soak together.

Here I am trying to teach Kate how to swim by kicking her legs.

This is a picture of the whole gang on one of our hikes.

As you can see, we sure had a good time in the warm southern sun.